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  • 2014 MN State MOMs of Multiples Workshop.

We're always doing something: for MOMs, for our kids, for our families.
New members are always welcome!

Welcome to Multiple Blessings

Multiple Blessings is a support group for moms of twins, triplets, quads and more in the Greater Mankato Area. We have monthly meetings, social events, holiday celebrations and more. Members also get first access to our annual sales!

Regular Meetings

Multiple Blessings meets the third Tuesday of each month at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Mankato. First Congregational is located at the intersection of Stoltzman Rd. and Stadium Rd., at 150 Stadium Court, Mankato.

If you are considering becoming a member you are welcome to attend a meeting first, or contact Sadie W, our new member coordinator at if you have questions!

How Meetings Work

6:30-7:00 p.m. MoMs Support
This is a semi-structured way to meet other MOMs at the same ages or stages as you. We break down different ways to allow you the chance to connect with as many MoMs as possible (ie: ages or genders of our kids; stay at home MoMs, working outside the home fulltime, etc.).

7:00-7:30 p.m. Business Meeting
Every club has a little business. We try to keep things brief and lively, but this is where you'll get the latest and greatest of what the Club is up to!

7:30-8:45 p.m. Speaker or Activity
Each month is different and the members only page will keep you current. Past topics have included: organizational and money-saving experts; a Q&A panel of grown multiples; car seat safety; how to talk to kids (even babies!) about sex; game nights; craft nights; a parent coach; belly dancing; early intervention; an ob/gyn and pediatrician to name a few...

9:00 MoMs Night Out
Location changes every month!

MOMs Training Camp PLAYBOOK

We are so excited to present the MOMs Training Camp PLAYBOOK

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Upcoming Events

Dad's Night Out 1/15
Monthly Meeting 1/20
see Member page for details

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